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Service Description

As a Wardrobe stylist I believe in helping my clients identify their own personal style and mix it with a new look that's appropriate for every occasion and apreance so that my clients can always look their best.


Details of how the session is carried out:

  • Provide you with your own persoal style guide.
  • Identify your body type and teach you the key rules on how to dress for your individual shape.
  • Show you what’s working in your existing wardrobe, what’s no longer suitable but most importantly explain why.
  • Show you how to put together new looks with your existing clothes.
  • Advise on which items can be altered or re-vamped.
  • Help you create a Capsule Wardrobe which are ‘key pieces that create multiple looks for work, weekend and evening wear. Items that can be dressed up and dressed down, from season to season’.
  • Guide you on how to accessorize your look correctly.
  • Leave you with an organised and uncluttered wardrobe space.
  • Sessions are carried out virtually.
Service Specification


  • 8 sessions
  • 2hrs per session
  • Over a period of 3 months

Package Details:

Session 1 & 2  - Wardrobe Filtering

·       Running through each item in the wardrobe (garments, bags, accessories and footwear.

·       Determine the pieces that can be retained and the ones to be disposed of.

Session 3  - Wardrobe Filtering

·       Categorizing each item basis, the occasion where they can be used.

Session 4 & 5 - Fit trials for all retained ensembles and Identifying pieces to be added to the wardrobe

·       Each of the retained garments must be tired on by client to check fit and to alter if required.

·       Fit trials and styling the looks from the retained items will happen simultaneously.

·       To make a list of items that are missing from wardrobe and need to be purchased.

Session 6 -  Scout for pieces online to be added within the determined budget

·       Stylist shall identify online brands or stand-alone store within the city to purchase missing looks within the budget set by the client and keep the research ready.

Session 7 - Fit trials and styling the final looks from the retained and purchased ensembles

·       Final trials of all looks

·       Complete styled looks with all counterparts. (accessories, bag, footwear) to be determined.

·       Photographs of each look to be taken.

Session 8 - Wardrobe to be completely rearranged with all looks organized occasion wise.

·       Stylist to advice client on how to reorganize the entire wardrobe.

·       Arrange all piece’s occasion wise to help the client identify all items with ease in the long run.


Once the process is completed a pictorial album will be created of all the final looks and categorized occasion wise for the purpose of cross referencing in the future. This will be emailed to the client.


Please Note: If within 8 days the session are not completed a grace of 2 extra days will be offered to the client so as to get optimal benefit of the service availed.

Specifics of Service
Total Number of Hours : 2
Number of Sessions : 8
Number of Attendees Allowed : 1
Cancellation & Refund Policy

 Cancellation of a sessions needs to be done no later than 48hrs before the date of each session.

Package once purchased will not be refunded.

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Delna Nallaseth

Dubai City

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