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Service Description
This Is For Parents Who…
• Are feeling lost, tired & overwhelmed with the challenges that raising a child brings along with it.
• Have internally got a fear and a nagging worry… are they doing the right thing for their child.
• Are struggling with behavioral, developmental & health issues of their children.
• Are at wits end with the academic progress of their children.
• Have the responsibility of children with special needs.
• Find that their work-life & family-life is suffering on account of the stress felt at home.

Does This Seem Like You?

• You lose your temper sometimes with your child & others at home.
• Does your child have severe Anxiety or Aggression?
• There seems to be sibling rivalry between your kids.
• Your child is shy or low in confidence!
• You want your kids to focus better & do well at academics.
• Is your child a Bully or is being Bullied at school?
• Does your child suffer from Selective Mutism and/or Stuttering?
• You or your kids have extreme Fears & Phobias.
• Your child is dealing with Autism Spectrum disorders / Dyslexia / Dyspraxia?
• Are you embarrassed by their Socially Unacceptable Behaviours/ Bedwetting or Nail Biting issues?
• Are you stressed with the Health issues your child faces?
Service Specification

The REAL Problem
You have been following “The Traditional Parenting Model”, sometimes also relying on the countless websites, blogs, parenting books & workshops that give you a list of
do’s and don’ts on how to become ‘effective parents’.
you haven’t moved yet to “The Empowered Parenting Model” that gets to the root cause of the issues to get you the results you are looking for to create a family that is Healthy & Happy!!

Once You Start Applying The Scientifically Proven Way
• You will have a better understanding of the cause of all the behavioral issues in your self, your kids and also others around you.
• You will have a non-invasive way to deal with minor and major health conditions of your child/ren.
• You will have a 100% safe technique that installs in your child’s mind a firewall that protects them against all the negative influences.
• You will find them and the home environment to be a lot calmer & a lot happier!!!

What’s The Empowered Parenting Model?
There are 3 Steps to tackle the difficulties that are faced in day-to-day living & claim back the Peace, Joy and Happiness your family deserves

So if this feels like you and you want to relieve the stress, get back the joy of living,
& create your happy family, we can get together to explore what is it that you truly want and how I can support you get your heart’s deepest desire




Cancellation & Refund Policy
• Service once booked cannot be cancelled. • In case the booking needs to be rescheduled to a later date, it has to be informed a minimum of 24 hours prior to the appointment to avoid any charges. • Rescheduling if done between 12-24 hours of the appointment, will incur a charge of 30%. • Rescheduling if done less than 12 hours of the appointement, will incur a charge of 50%. • Booking if cancelled by the seller will guarantee a full refund.
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I've tried the sleep tlak with my child when he was 4 years of age and it worked wonders. I had to be consistent for a period of two months but it was worth the effort. Definitely worth trying to make it easy for the child and yourself during their growing years.

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